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Josh Hodum has served as the Chaplain since the opening of the ACRCF and has proven to have a heart for those in need. He was appointed as the Director of Volunteers and Religious Activities in 2011 and organizes local volunteer efforts from a variety of religious backgrounds and organizations across the county. With this designation, along with leading as pastor of Gospel Tabernacle church in Corinth, MS, he also serves in other city officiant capacities that provide him the opportunity to help individuals, not only from a faith-based perspective but from a legal perspective, as well. Each year for the Christmas holiday, He and his team of volunteers have provided the residents of ACRCF with the maximum gifting allowed by the Mississippi Department of Corrections. This small act of kindness makes a large impact during this time.
Josh's desire is to bridge the gap between those who face difficult circumstances to providing the answers they need to get them on their path to success. His education and experiences coupled with his unwavering display of integrity and morality are what make Josh a most valuable asset to this ministry and to our facility.

Josh Hodum

The mission of the Alcorn County Regional Correctional Facility Ministry program is to provide those within the facility, regardless of background, faith, or denomination, the opportunity to grow emotionally and spiritually by empowering them with the knowledge and direction of biblical teachings. Through this training, the ministry will seek to bring guidance and structure in hopes of a spiritually secure future.

Josh Hodum
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